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Searing heat and burning pain torn and hurt never again
The fire of rage cleanses all in it's path
The burn that it leaves heals twisted and torn
Eyes grow red blood raises nails dig in to the palms
Leaving deep crescent moons to show the hate
The pure rage of fresh pain

Hurt once again even after he promised
Never again will I be this foolish to bear my heart and try to live again
You think that I would learn from loves torn asunder from before
But I keep yearning to find the one that I can finally be with
What is this.....
A cool breeze across raw wounds
Soothing and cooling deadens the pain

My hand drops to my side
I feel under my fingers the thick fur of a wolf
I drop to my knees and am captured by his lipid gaze
I wrap my arms around his neck and bury my face in his fur
Weeping out all the pain and hurt
Finally allowing wounds to cleanse themselves in the salt of the tears.
I realize that we are not alone there is another presence here
I will not look and flinch as a hand touches my shoulder

I know it is a male my senses are not that dulled by the now fading pain
I hear the rustle of fabric as the man sinks to the floor
out of the corner of my eye I see deep blue and a flash of silver
A dragons curiosity captured what was that flash.
I raise a tear streaked face to look towards the stranger.
No, not a stranger but we've not met
A man in blue and earth, belted at the waist
A pendant of silver gleams from around his neck

I know him, not in life but in my heart
I reach out to him and he clasps my hand in his
Draws me gently to him.
I lay in his arms forgetting all the pain
His love flows around me soothing the pain flowing and healing
I reach up and touch his face
And see in his eyes the echo of my pain
Here is one who understands fully and yearns for the same as me

He looks into my eyes looking deep into my soul
I shiver from fear
Will what he sees drive him from me am I worthy of any sort of love
I see what I thought I'd never see in anothers eye
Understanding, hope, love
His hand strokes my hair and our gazes lock questions rise in them
To be banished as our lips meet and there is only us.
We are together our hearts and minds
Never to be alone again

~Ayresta 24/03/2000~