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Warrior's Life

KnightWolf '94

Each warrior lives a day
not knowing if it's his last
Never worrying if it is
never fearing the inevitable
Surrounded by other people
ever vigilant, ever reacting
Always surrounded by other people
chastising his obsolete ways
Society has created peace, they say
You can let go of your edge
that is why the police and courts were created
We double our precautions around these people
for we know
the justice system works only after the fact
We can never judge anyone but ourselves
None may judge us in return
Everyone has a right to be as they are
they snicker at our wasted lives
trying to help us with psychology
labeling us for their society
Just as everyone needs realize repercussions of their acts
We see the affects of your society
Breeding arrogance and utter ignorance
They always snicker at our wasted lives
our 'paranoid' existence
Even after we give our lives so that they can