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Blood heat lust reaches out in the dark
The smell of it's warmth sets fire in the heart
The feel of satin as it pours over lips
The fire in the eyes turned from gold to red.
Lie back in the bed as the heat uncurls
Raging fire and unbridled lust
Passsion consuming a river of rust.
Fire consuming yearning for more
Come lie with me taste the warmth of my fire feel my desire.
Kiss my lips and taste the salt
Feel my fire flowing under soft skin.
Smooth as silk pale as milk
A body that has not seen the harsh glare of the sun
Blood red lips that yearn for a kiss
Golden eyes that see what others miss.
I trace the conture of your neck
Fingers stop at the drops of red
Hearts gift and passions heart
Touch the fingers to your lips
You shiver even though you burn
The taste of salt that makes you yearn
You tremble in the heat of the night
You lower your head to my throat
Teeth gently grazing above the hearts vein
You press against the river of blood
Teeth pressing against firm skin
Breaking through as you get your first taste
Your eyes blaze brilliant red
Crimson fire for from me you are fed.
Come to me and be my love
My desire for you
Matches yours for me
You have tasted of something wich you shall never forget
Just as I have tasted of you
I shall never forget
Although to us age is boundless
The bond of blood travels beyond the verge of time.
Forever we are united
Forever we are one.

~Ayresta 24/11/1999~