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The sun bleeds dripping silver and gold
Blue fire ripples across rolling snow
The first star blazes to life
An angel brought to shine in the night
A slim silver of moon rises
Creeping out from behind the firs.

A creature rises gracefully
Pale pearl horn of rose and gold
Shimmering mane of blue flame
Coat the color of the new fallen snow
Gazes with his head held high
The proud guardian of the winter night
Tosses his head tasting the wind
Wicker's his call into the cold night

The stars shine in his eyes
As he searches the sky,
Watches the ribbons of violet and green
The flare of the northern lights span the starry sky
He tastes the night air searching for someone
His strident summons pierces the night silence

A light wicker from the shadows reaches his ears
A mare of the deepest black,
With the stars in her mane
Horn of shimmering silver gleams in the light of the moon
She gestures for him to come to her
Leads him under the deep boughs of the surrounding firs

He stops suddenly surprised
There in front of him
On uneasy legs stand two more of his kind
One the red of the setting sun
One the gold of the coming dawn
The family united together forever and always.

~Ayresta 02/14/2000~