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Sunlight and Shadows,
Who lurks in your dreams?
Who stands by unnoticed,
Not hidden,
Who's presence you feel,
A whisper on skin.
A comfort that holds you
Tunes out the worlds din.
Someone you trust,
Who holds the old code.
Like a shield of power,
A friend much more then simply a friend.
Someone you can trust,
When all else fails.
One that you hold close to your heart,
Who will comfort you as your world falls apart.
Nobel and caring Handsome and good.
The truth behind words
So oft misunderstood.
A lover
Someone to be with you
After the end.
A gentle soul
That can be hard as steel
A well forged blade
For peace or war.
Someone who knows What the fighting is for.
Two souls wander lost
Alone in the night
Together they meet
And together there is light.
He is my Light
Who holds off the night.
Makes me dare to hope
That I will never be alone.
And as I feel his wings around me
I know in my heart
I am not alone.

The one that I wrote this for, knows who he is, and what he means to me. At least I hope he does.