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Making a Scrying Mirror

First, find an old dark colored handheld mirror or picture frame. Shiny metalic frames tend to reflect the candle light and interfere with the image. It does not matter what shape it is, but make sure it isnt too big to carry with you.

Second, get a can of dark, high gloss spray enamel paint.

Third, take the glass out of the frame or mirror and clean it well with Windex. Make sure it is dry, with no streaks or lint.

Fourth, put the glass on a large piece of newspaper and spray paint it. Becareful, do not allow the paint to run or drip, this rins the effect. Make sure nothing gets stuck in the paint . You should only need one coat. Let it dry thoroughly.

Fifth, put the glass back in the frame/mirror. That's it. Quick, easy and cheap.

Finally, consecrate your mirror. this should be done during a full moon ritual, but can be done at any time. Once you have consecrated it, the mirror should not be handled by anyone else. If someone picks it up, reconsecrate it before you next use it.