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Just when you think that you have found the person you can trust,
All your dreams they turn to ashes and all your hopes they turn to dust.
I thought that you loved me I thought you wouldn't hurt me.
But I was wrong and now I suffer alone.
In the night silence do I cry but my eyes can shed no tears.
My whole being is empty without you here
I trusted you I love you still
Even though you killed me I will be with you until the ends of time.
I will never leave you I will always be there
My heart is yours what's left of it if you love enough to care.

I understand your reasons but that doesn't mean I have to like them.
I'll try to please your wishes but a broken heart knows only grief.
I know what I say
Live, Laugh and Learn
Love even in sorrow
For there may be no tomorrow
But I do not know if I have the strength to follow my own counsel.

The world yes it be cruel what can one do.
Carry on what has begun pray for the best take nothing for granted.
In time a heart will mend a love will be found that knows no end.
I'll not find it though I can not bear the pain again.
My voice has been stilled I'll not speak again.
From now until the day I die I shall be known as Silence.

Only the love of a dragon could have held me to this world
Now the night is still and the pain it has begun.

This is the last of my works, you shall not hear any more from me in this section. I bid all those that have expressed enjoyment in my pomes farewell, and good eve.