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I had a dream when night was still,
A fallen star upon a hill.
‘Twas no dream,
The star became a man.
His form was lit,
There was no moon,
His face was made of silver,
His form glowed from within.
He held a shield made of scripture,
He held a spear made of truth,
With these and his words that cut like daggers.
He spreads the truth,
Of the coming of the time of change.
He reaches out his hand to me,
His eyes see through my soul,
A voice enters my head
“Will thou be one to stand?”
I gaze in awe as images run through my head.
I see the earth born,
Man’s rise,
The end of it all,
And the beginning of something miraculous.
I tremble with the knowledge given to me,
He steps up to me and kisses me lightly on the cheek
“the time is coming. Give me your hand.”
I reach out and place my hand in his.
I am encased it white radiance
A woman in black stands on my right,
The man in silver on my left.
They both take me into their arms.
I am home.

~Ayresta, 1989~