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Detached and dismembered, my shattered body feels all the pain
She came back to my private shelter, my den, and did it all again
How could I let her rape my confidence as she has done?
What ever made me believe that she was for me, the one?

I could never be anything close to what she wants or needs
And she knows it, but she fucked me anyways, a dying corpse is all she leaves
My best friend, my teacher, my love, my companion, to me she means so much
Does she know that I'm hers alone forever more? Oh, how I miss her touch

So I lie alone here, and here is where I feel I could die, alone
I couldn't even call out to her for help, she's already gone home
Staring into her eyes, I felt the bond that we could've had together
But she was blocking it, so it died, completely, totally, and for ever.

She has four weeks to the day to prove herself to me, I truely hope she does
I need someone to hold me and comfort me, to give me that eternal buzz
She is the one for whom the stars cry, the only one for which I'd truely die
No matter how long it takes, I'll try, and if I ever succeed
Together forever, eternally one, the platinum dragon and I will fly.

- Shaelan: December 29th 1999.