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Twins of Soul:

Blessed are we, there together at last
Through the thunder and fog we shall see
In our small, but somehow perfect eternity
The night seems to surround us, bringing us life so fast

Be my lover, be my life, she means everything to me
A place so high, atop these cliffs, her and I shall dance
As we move, our bodies sway, portraying our desires for sweet romance
Throughout my den, I see her face, someday this will have to be

Feelings of joy caress my soul, enough to bring me to tears of relief
Spinning slowly, the lives of two who just happened to meet
Their initial meeting, akward but perfect, and infinately sweet
This is what I feel, as we become whole, surrounded by candle-light heat

Dancing a mysterious dance of the star-speckled skies.
Toward the edge of the cliff, the two lovers make their way.
None more united, more whole, they watch the arrival of a brand-new day.
They will be forever, love shining eternally within their glowing eyes.

Majestic and powerful, whole and true, our wings become physical.
From atop the cliff we fly, soaring above the mountains and valleys below.
Returning to her den, they fly together all the way, loving each other so.
No matter how long it takes, it is no matter, for they are eternal.

Coming all this way, in their minds there was deffinate reason.
Circling downward, coming out of the skies, the drakes begin their descent.
Waiting for the moment they are alone, a moment that neither shall repent.
Into the mist of the morning they dive, for today is the start of the spring season.

He feels the change, memories bringing him back to her, to a better time.
The ground rushes up to meet them, as they land gracefully next to a cave.
He gazes about himself, for to her he is most grateful, his heart she did save.
Together, they embrace, singing the likes of such a glorious rhyme.

Returning to their human form, the two embrace and laugh, smiling brightly.
Enterring her lair, they leave the world of beauty and light.
For while they are lovers by day, they cannot await the arrival of the night.
Into his ear, she whispers a confession of her love, ever so lightly.

A place of love, of flickering shadows, and burning flames, this is her home.
Quench my thirst with your insatiable love, together we will make our souls stir.
Watching him intently, his shadow dancing in the firelight, she feels he is the one for her.
Around himself he gazes, the atmosphere here is simply unbelievable, at last he is not alone.

On and on, deeper into her lair, the pair travels, proceeding cautiously.
Despite those painful memories, she knows this is real, and this is the time that's right.
Those flames die down to an ironic crimson, as they enter her inner chamber, bathed in blood-red light.
Whispers of lust and love, of all their dreams, permiate the air inaudably.

A rumbling noise fills the cavern as a rocky wall closes, sealing the two inside.
In her room, he stands, and looks around himself with awe and wonder.
From here to eternity, he knows this is where he was meant to be, seeing the blue glow around her.
On that train from here to the deepest reaches of her lair, the two lovers will ride.

He knows it's going to be right this time, he'll pay no mind to the distant thunder.
Smiling at her softly, he embraces her form, his warm, loving caress bringing her closer.
Gazing deeply into her eyes, he feels the bond they now share, and knows he loves the most, her.
It feels right like this, "It's a good day to be alive", he thought as she pulls him under.

Here with her, it feels like he can finally see the light that he's been searching for.
Coming to her, the light he represents slices through the crimson darkness of her den.
Glowing softly, they share a kiss, the two know what is theirs, and what they must come together for, again.
At the end of the tunnel that he has been in for the longest time, she is the one he adores.

The inagural bliss of the initial kiss sent him sailing through the ceiling.
The crimson light brightens as they hold each other closely, neither wanting to let go.
Even with this closeness, they've never really met; of their love, both do truely know.
And all that brought him down, was the light and the love of her touch, such a feeling.

All his life, he's been searching for a love so true he could see it with his own eyes.
Having listened to the cries of the many who have lost, he feels as though he is treading on thin ice.
What could one do, to bring more certainty into such a glorious, such a perfect life?
And in this place, with the one he could love, the possibility of this love, he begins to realize.

The day of the night of these lovers united, is a day for which he has eternally yearned.
The halls of her den, filled with candles, burn eternally, warming this would-be cold, dark place.
The light of their love shines brightly here, as they caress each other's face.
So thankful now that this day has arrived, that the truth of love and destiny, he has at least partially learned.

In her eyes, he sees a fire that burns so bright, so true, and he wants to burn in that fire.
One day, she wonders if they will be together like this always, what a lovely idea, in concept.
Would it be that nice though? Or would the love they share dwindle and die, at their time together's onset?
Leaping into the fires of her soul, his body is consumed, but he remains whole, for of her he does desire.

Bringing him closer to her, she yearns for his mind, his soul, his body, and above all else, his love eternal.
Caught within the gears of time themselves, the lovers' hearts and souls seem to merge into a single entity.
They are for each other, for no one else would ever be able to do to these two, what they do to each other, entirely.
Inside of her, she feels his body, his mind, his love, all coupled with such exquisite lust infernal.

Looking up at her glorious form, all he can see is the cavern's crimson-red flames dancing in her eyes so brown.
He reels in joy as it comes to mind that spending eternity with her, is the fate he has been assigned.
So intamately beautiful, love itself has taken him over, consumed his being, and this is what will matter, in time.
The world as he knew it seems to simply fall away, for within those twin orbs, his soul seems to drown.

In her he finds the trust he has sought for, over the journey of but the beginning of a single life.
The love they share makes him care not for what others do, for what they know, or for how sneer at him.
The days and nights pass, but the two do not care, for they are together now, and forever, they are, her den within.
Inside her soul, memories are quelled, visages of pain and of sorrow, that used to bring such hurt, like a knife.

Where should he take this horrid pain that seems to burn eternally, so deeply, his soul inside?
Here in her place, he hopes she will tear deep into his being, and help to heal what has hurt so long.
The pain that never ends, the pain that seems to consume his life, the pain was once his reason for seeking love's glorious song.
His whole life, he has been running, searching for a way out, but so far, all he's done is run, and hide.

He doesn't want it to be this way, and yet there simply seems to be nothing else he could ever do about this painful flare.
In search of what caused him so much grief, his lover wants only to help save him, her love, from his eternal hell.
Finding nothing on the outside, she couldn't bear to see him in such agony, such hell, for from her he had began to fall.
She tore him open, but she must beware, for deep within his being lies the beasts which do not ever give or care.

Falling, falling, falling, the bells of hell seem to surround him as he speeds away, so deeply inside his being.
Giving to his lover, any part of the remainder of his being, he sees the worry in her eyes as she realizes what she's done.
As though his death is at hand, she weeps for him, but he holds her close, telling her it will be all right, he is for her, the one.
Thunder rolls across the skies above as he seems to slip from comfort and love, as he sees the light in her eyes, receeding.

Deep within his mind, he battles the beasts that sought to keep him down, for it is they who seek to destroy him.
Drawing his sword, he faces his most powerful, deepest-rooted fear, the fear of losing the one who is his truest love.
His senses skinned, his touch, the touch which brings death, he sees the being which wants his soul to die, he brings energy around himself, from above.
Shielded, he begins to battle with that creature of the deepest evil, the being form hell itself, that deamon of true sin.

The beast is none other than a being created by his own self-doubts, feeding off his uncertainty, his instability.
As the road he travelled became his pride, he found that he was not alone, for others like himself did indeed exist.
And in their existance, he found the sanctuary he sought, in that sanctuary he found absolutely no insolence.
Everywhere he has roamed, he has kept a positive outlook on life, and that is what he has turned into his greatest ability.

The greatest threat his soul has ever faced, a being which is as negative as he himself is, he comes to a realization.
Breathing of the marble sphere that is his world, he drinks it all in, the good and the bad, and with this he fights the beast.
Outlawed for eternity, this beast should not have managed to find him, but somehow it has, though it will never survive, not in the least.
Having the best of both worlds, of human and mage, of day and night, of positive and negative, and this will indeed be his salvation.

After having waited his entire lifetime for her, he refuses to give up over something like this, the beast will not live to see the sun.
Lirath`ari the dragon keeps the beast at bay, while Shaelan finds the beast's one true, and certain weakness, one left defenseless.
As he started to come undone, his love sitched him together, and so he was able to continue the battle within his souls' recesses.
Riding liquid crimson as the tides of death rush him back to her side, screaming with joy and triumph, for he has won.

If he were to ever close his mind in fear, she would always be there for him, and would help to pry it open.
For she is the one for him, and together they will never die; with one for the other, both will always survive.
As he returned to her side, with a single look they both knew what had happened, and into her arms he did dive.
Holding each other close, in the bed-cavern of her den, the lovers relaxed, and basked, in the bliss of their mutual, eternal devotion.

The world is theirs, now that they are together with nothing to stand in theirs way, nothing to keep them apart, and everything to live for.
Life will finally do as they wish, for now they are free to join one another, to become a single being, to bond fully.
She is his life, she is his love, and she is him, as he is everything to her, and always will be.
Together these two have the whole world before them, and they could conqour it, if they wished to do so, as they did before.

Looking across the sands of time, they see how much simpler things were before, but also how caged life itself had been.
Searching for each other, the minute he heard her voice, he somehow knew that she just might be the one which he sought.
Should his calls for life and salvation have finally been answered, he knew that he would have to face his fear, or be with her he would not.
She still remembers that day, so many centuries ago, when he showed her how to see the things that most would call unseen.

The bond of souls is one which cannot die, and over and over, from life to life, they always find each other, to live their lives together.
Back in his old life, things were much too unreal, and the sorrow had nearly consumed his being entirely, life itself he had begun to hate.
All he could do was hold his breath while he wished for death, every night, praying to his gods that he would find her before it was too late.
How could this ever bore them? They are one in the same, and finding one another again simply allows them to ensure it does last forever.

And this time, finding her was easy, but he wonders if this really is her, or just another fake, how could any of this have happened, then?
When she can find joy simply in the company of his mind, when she can bring out the best in him from nothing but her own being.
He finds he is at odds with nothing about the person he has found, and that when closing his eyes, her face is all he is seeing.
The pain is gone, and the darkness has given way to light, for they have both found their significant other, their love, the one for them.

- Shaelan: March 11th, 2000
This piece is copyright (C) 2000 Jeremy Broad, All Rights Reserved.