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The ways of love and light:

The girl with hair blacker than the night
Her skin shines so silver in the full lunar light
The gods will take care of her eyes so sweet
And fate makes sure that from her I could never retreat
She carries my life between hello and goodbye
She brings me closer to the sapphire skies
The gods will watch over my pale-skinned friend
May she always be there with me, until the bitter end

For years I've tried to teach the ways of love and light
And in all my days, never has any love felt so right
She makes the sadness that has become my life, go away
For one another, bonded to the core we shall stay

She saw the sadness burried so deeply inside my eyes
And to this day, only she will ever truely realize
She knows what it takes to make me feel whole
For she is the only one who could mate with my soul

The first time we kissed, time seemed to stand still
Within the hour, we were but one, oh what a thrill
Her love is lifting me up, never dragging me down
The love I feel sends me round and round and round

Hot inside my soul, the fire of our love seems to burn
And within my mind, my body, for her I always will yearn
The love that flows between us, lying in my bed
All that was, all that is, like an arrow through my head

The passionate embrace, immortal as it were with you
Always here within your mind, this is love, true
There are no secrets that she keeps away from me
We are one in the same, and yet we are totally free

When the morning comes, I wake to you closely holding me
Lying together in the sun, such a lovely site to see
Embracing the godly energy, the love of which we share
She is certainly the one for whom I will always be there

- Shaelan: March 01 2000.