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The sand inbetween your toes, for your soul.

Dancing by the shore, in the light of the moon
Here on this beach, we were together so soon
With our toes in the cool sand, together we dance
Looking into your eyes, I feel like I am in a trance

Under the long green leaves of the tropical palm trees
You shiver slightly as the ocean brings in a cool breeze
Laughing together, the full moon shines in our eyes
Dancing down the beach, happy thoughts fill our minds

The sky grows lighter with each passing second
Such a wonderful night this has been, I hope it'l never end
Floating through the light blue, a pink cloud that once was gray
The sky lights up, announcing the coming of a new day

Almost without warning, that crimson light comes over the end of the sea
Bathing the entire sky in oranges, reds, and pinks, I know you love me
The sun ascends above the waterline, rising slowly into the sky
The angels sing, hailing the beginning of a new day, a beauty that would make any mortal cry

- Shaelan: February 06th, 2000.