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Book of Shadows

This is not the normal book of shadows that you would usually find, there are no spells, no rituals, only my thoughts.

When the dreams become more then real, when do you know where reality stops and imagination takes over? When you hear voices in your head, are they really there, or are they figments of your imagination. Am I who I think I am...or am I something different. I know that I'm not like others in this world, but what am I?

I keep seeing scenes, from my own view, but I know that I have not experienced them, are they from another life, Or am I going crazy? I've always said that if you can ask yourself the question of if you're crazy, it's a good sign that you aren't but who am I to say. My world seems to be spinning in circles, and I know that all the circles of my life connect to the other ..but what if I don't want to continue in the same circle, what if I want to break free.

What if life was a strait line...always being able to see where you are going and where you have been, would people be happy. Or would it make a difference, would I like to know where the future is heading, I don't think I would. I don't like not knowing, but it is better not to know that you will fail and try rather then knowing and not trying because you know you will fail. Why are there some people who see the glass as half full and others as half empty? Are all people one or the other? Or are there some who are balanced between the good and the bad side of life. I know that I am not one of those people, I have always had an easier time seeing the darker side of life, I live in shadows. And I see what others cannot. The dragons for instance.

Foretran ~ huge black, with purple/red/silver edging on wings face and spine. My first dragon and teacher/protector.

Mirissa ~ mid-size silver green and blue. Didn't stay with me long, said that I was no fun.

K'van ~ large white with blue eyes, quiet and reserved.

Shaziel ~ my shadow guard, cousin to Shazier and Eshain.

Eshain ~ Silver shadow, young but responsible.

There are many others but due to space and time I will not mention more then I have already. The most pormanant in my life has been Foretran he was my first teacher and one of the bravest friends that anyone could wish for.
If you think that you have a dragon watching over you and wish to know more about him/her/them, please feel free to contact me.
And here is a hint, they comunicate by emotions, so if you are thinking and feeling lots you need to focus and relax. I recomend any of the meditations that you can find on the main page of this site to help clear your mind and focus your thoughts.
If you can use visualization, I strongly recomend it. First see your dragon, and then visualize yourself in the scene. Concentrate on how you feel about them let them know that you know that they are there. And how it makes you feel to know that you now have someone who will always be with you, and love you unconditionally.