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You can use for scrying - still dark pools of water; black stones; wet slabs of slate; fire embers; candle flames; wet fingernails; a glass of dark wine; a concave black mirror; glass marbles; crystal of natural clear quartz; crystal ball; a dark bowl filled with water, ink, or dark red wine; soap bubbles; shiny surfaces.

Sit in a comfortably warm room that is well ventilated.

No bright colours, glittering objects or any kind of distracting objects in the scryers' range of vision.

Light must be subdued at all times. No direct sunshine in room while the crystal is being used.

Crystal or mirror must never be exposed to bright light. When not in use crystal should be wrapped in black silk or velvet and put in a dark place.

Best time - Just before twilight. You should not attempt to scry shortly after a meal

Crystal should be placed in front of scryer on a stand or table that is covered by a dull black cloth.

Screen crystal from reflections by partially wrapping with a dark cloth.

Alternate method - Place crystal at the back of an empty drawer that has been draped in black, non-reflecting material. The drawer is partially open.

Scryer should close eyes gently for two to three minutes. Look calmly into the crystal. Be completely relaxed. Blink normally. If feeling any strain, look away from the crystal. SHORT sittings, gradually increasing in length. Sittings should be in the same place, under the same conditions and at the same time.

If desired, make passes over crystal with left and right hand to energize crystal

You usually first see a faint white cloud that will slowly drift across the crystal face. The cloud may change to red or green, then black or dark grey with pin-points of light. Crystal will appear closer and recede.

Continue looking calmly and with confidence, this is the very threshold of crystal vision. The crystal will seem to disappear and then reappear several times. The entire crystal will become blotted out by a blue light which is the backdrop for the vision, which will either be direct or symbolic. It usually seems that the vision has entered the brain. The scryer should try not to become scared or surprised with the vision. If you are not calm the vision can be broken.

You should become oblivious to your surroundings.

If the vision becomes broken, stop. If possible, go to sleep and try again the next day.

When clear images can no longer be seen and the crystal is filled only with cloud wisps and drifting shadows or a confused play of lights you can ask the crystal questions telepathically.

These questions must be clear and precise. Continue looking. Gradually the shadows will clear and a vision will be presented, but occasionally there will be no answer, this should be respected.

If scrying for some one else that person should hold crystal for a few moments with their left hand beneath and their right on top. After returning it to the stand (s)he should move quietly away from the scryer and sit quietly.


Light colours = Good omen
Dark colours = Inauspicious
Clouds of white, green & blue = Good signs, joy
Green = Hope, increases with the depth of the tint
Black = Negative, inauspicious, evil
Red, orange, yellow = Unfavourable signs
Red, orange = Hatred, passion, danger, violent emotions, trouble
Yellow = Envy, malice, jealousy
Rising clouds = affirmative
Sinking clouds = negative
Visions far in the background = Distant past or future
Visions near the middle = Near past or future
Visions near the front = Present, immediate future

Symbolic visions usually have the normal symbolic meanings

Flaming torch = Enlightenment and progress
Serpent = Astuteness, cunning
Ship = Commerce and travel
Sun = Prosperity, success, honor and preferment
Waxing moon = Growth, increase of prosperity
Waning moon = Ill luck, bad health, loss

Use intuition. Symbols are usually on the right hand side of the crystal.

The highest plane of crystal gazing, which not every scryer will attain, is where the scryer is a passive participator instead of just viewing from a distance.

The scryer sometimes experiences bilocation and is psychically present in the scene.

Ill health, disease, gluttony, sensuality, sloth and materialism are imcompatible with scrying and clairvoyance. Fresh air, good food (but not too much), exercise and contemplation of nature are strong aids.

Moderation in all things, especially eating, drinking and expression of emotions improves psychic ability.