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A city rises,
Out of the ashes.
Proud Atlantis
Rising up from it's watery grave.
Lost in the sea for untold centuries.
Twelve to see it rise once more.
Twelve to call it back from death.
Twelve to cry and weep no more.

I remember,
I stand upon the Eastern Shore,
And watch the sun as it rises.
Behind me stands the mountain.
The one that spewed molten rock
To rush down to the sea.
You can see the path it left,
As it rushed to the western shore.
One large stream,
Then divides suddenly.

I find myself standing,
Between the rivers of rock.
A large circle left unscathed.
Power flows around me
Through me.
Bringing back memories
That were lost for ages.
I remember the smell of the grass,
I remember the song of the forest,
I remember the feeling of peace,
As I stand here with my friends.

The twelve stand once more,
Upon the rocky shore.
One steps forward,
Nature follows in his path
Where his feet touch, green life spreads out.
Syrosa steps forward, hand in hand with her mate.
The soulbonded pair moves toward the glade.
I am the last to follow.

The man still stands, the green still spreads
Even now the forest begins to grow again.
I touch his shoulder and he breaks,
'I thought I would never see this place'
As tears roll down his face.
I hold him close as he cries.
Tears reach my eyes,
And my heart bleeds for the life before.
'Let's go, the others are waiting.'

He dries his tears like a child,
And my heart skips a beat.
He takes my hand,
And leads me through the forest.
To the glade
The others are all there.

It is time to begin,
A new life,
Old loves,
New hearts.

~Ayresta 10/02/1998~