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Enter Bliss and Never Lost were written by my brother. The rest were all written by myself.



Enter bliss

I give to the gods the life
they gave me,
In valhalla the table is set
a place prepared for the
worrier departed

Nine worlds merged to one
yet still remain separate,
made and forged by Odins
great hand

I stand watching, gazing
over the battlefield in which i must fight,
to take up the sword and carry my shield high
as Thor as my guide the battle rages on
never will i sway nor will i fall

I give to the old ones in blood
the life they once gave
to enter the great hall,
to feast with the kings.

Never lost

Lightning strikes bringing forth the rains
to smoother the flames which took the witch,
she stood so proud,as the people raged in hate and fear
she stood so calm as the fire sang her name

from a distance the sight he does gaze
in curiosity and calm disgust
around his neck Thor does rest
upon his shield the sun does blaze

the circle will bring back that which it takes
to give to life what Hell can not contain
back from the ninth world in another form
born from the great mother life is reborn

in solemn pride he grasps his pendent.
that beautiful creature given to life
then to death to give back to life
such is the way all things must pass
till the day he knows he shall, glimpse again that beautiful witch.

Rise Atlantis

A city rises,
Out of the ashes.
Proud Atlantis
Rising up from it's watery grave.
Lost in the sea for untold centuries.
Twelve to see it rise once more.
Twelve to call it back from death.
Twelve to cry and weep no more.

I remember,
I stand upon the Eastern Shore,
And watch the sun as it rises.
Behind me stands the mountain.
The one that spewed molten rock
To rush down to the sea.
You can see the path it left,
As it rushed to the western shore.
One large stream,
Then divides suddenly.

I find myself standing,
Between the rivers of rock.
A large circle left unscathed.
Power flows around me
Through me.
Bringing back memories
That were lost for ages.
I remember the smell of the grass,
I remember the song of the forest,
I remember the feeling of peace,
As I stand here with my friends.

The twelve stand once more,
Upon the rocky shore.
One steps forward,
Nature follows in his path
Where his feet touch, green life spreads out.
Syrosa steps forward, hand in hand with her mate.
The soulbonded pair moves toward the glade.
I am the last to follow.

The man still stands, the green still spreads
Even now the forest begins to grow again.
I touch his shoulder and he breaks,
'I thought I would never see this place'
As tears roll down his face.
I hold him close as he cries.
Tears reach my eyes,
And my heart bleeds for the life before.
'Let's go, the others are waiting.'

He dries his tears like a child,
And my heart skips a beat.
He takes my hand,
And leads me through the forest.
To the glade
The others are all there.

It is time to begin,
A new life,
Old loves,
New hearts.

Last Stand

Dark eyes,
Dark skin,
Dark hair,
All I remember of that night.

Cold metal,
Glinting blades,
Caught me off guard.

Hidden in the shadows,
Hidden from my sight.
All the warning I had,
Was a whisper of cloth.

My obsidian sword,
Out in a flash.
It takes in starlight,
It's power hums in my grasp.
I let its power take flight,
White lightning,
Towards his heart.
He takes it in,
Makes is his own.

I try to call for help,
But he has stopped my power.
And my mind cannot reach,
The other ten.

I look at the way he stands,
And I think I can take him.
But as we cross swords,
I know I was mistaken.

The fight lasts long,
Long into the night.
As the morning light,
Touches the streets.
There is no sign,
That there ever was a fight.
No sign of me,
But I can see.
My comrades,
Looking franticly for me.

I try to call out,
But no one hears my voice.
I try to touch them,
But they can not feel me.

They felt the power,
Unleashed at my death.
One day,
Far away,
We will be reunited,
And have each other to love again.


When the night closes in,
And the darkness surrounds you.
I will be there,
To hold you close,
To comfort and care,
I'll always be there.

To help you to fight,
To hold off the night.
Give me your hand,
And I'll help you to stand.

When the night whispers your name,
And you feel you will go insane.
Reach inside yourself,
And call my name.
I will come,
And stay till night is done.

You must reach out,
Or the light will be gone.
And forever in darkness,
Will you dwell.

When your soul longs for the light,
Reach inside yourself.
Look deep to find your light.
Then help someone else to fight.

Only together,
Hand in hand,

Can we hope to stand.

The Burning

You left me alone to die,
You bastard.
You knew that I was hurt,
But you didn't stay.
They found me.
Finished what was begun.
Would you like to know how
They killed the woman you loved?

They burnd me,
Said I was a witch.
The flames lick at my feet,
I stand tied to a stake.
The arrow still lodged in my back.

I see a figure,
Standing on a roof top.
It holds a bow,
Arrows on its back.

As the flames rise higher,
I fill my lungs with air.
And scream for mercy.

The figure notches an arrow,
And releases the bow.
The arrow finds my heart.
The figure disapears,
And I know no more.

The Reason

You are the reason that I give
For the reason the I live
You are the only one
To whome I will run.
You are the reason I'm alive.

In this dark world
You are the only light for me.
The flame that burns bright
Into the dark night.
It the light goes dim
And the darkness closes in
I don't know if I could survive
Without you by my side.

You are the reason that I give
For the reason that I live
You are the reason I'm alive
The reason that I care,
Enough for me to share my life with you.

Written for those who have touched my life, but are too numerouis to name.

Dragon Dreams

Dragon dreams,
Lightning licks
Across metal skin.
Thunder rolls,
Ever closer.

Lightning crawls,
On millions of legs.
Great wings spread,
To catch moonflame.

The energy passes,
Over and around
Some absorbed.

Dragon blood,
In dragon veins.
Energized and ready,
To fly the winds again.

Full Circle

Sinking into a world,
Dispare unknown
Fears untold.

The end
The begining
Life birth
Death sleeps

Full circle
Life reborn
Full circle

No more
No less

Full circle

The Mists

I exist in a realm outside what mortal man can touch
Where you see a sound and taste a sight
You can hear the heartbeat of the world outside
No fears and nothing to hide

I am accepted here for who I am
Not for what others want me to be
There are others
None such as me

Mighty beasts of ancient lore
Make music upon a distant shore
They teach they help they guide
I might make mistakes but at least I try

What other creature can say the same
Only if they live here
In the mists
Upon the shore

Changing Times

I had a dream when night was still,
A fallen star upon a hill.
‘Twas no dream,
The star became a man.
His form was lit,
There was no moon,
His face was made of silver,
His form glowed from within.
He held a shield made of scripture,
He held a spear made of truth,
With these and his words that cut like daggers.
He spreads the truth,
Of the coming of the time of change.
He reaches out his hand to me,
His eyes see through my soul,
A voice enters my head
“Will thou be one to stand?”
I gaze in awe as images run through my head.
I see the earth born,
Man’s rise,
The end of it all,
And the beginning of something miraculous.
I tremble with the knowledge given to me,
He steps up to me and kisses me lightly on the cheek
“the time is coming. Give me your hand.”
I reach out and place my hand in his.
I am encased it white radiance
A woman in black stands on my right,
The man in silver on my left.
They both take me into their arms.
I am home.


The knight stands in the glade,
Chiseled featured
Handsome and brave.
Eyes of brilliant blue,
Survey the woods around him.
Looking for the voice that called to him.
He closes his eyes and stands for a moment,
Breathing in the night air.
He wears not his armor
But a garment of blue.
He touches his medallion and whispers a prayer,
He searches the night
A glimmer of silver whispers to him from the east.
Like a whisper across his mind
He sets off in search of something that he knows nothing of.
The silver gleams closer a river of moonlight
The knight stops and gazes at the moon for a moment,
The pure white eye that sees all that happens.
He wonders what secrets the moon holds in her
So intent is he on the sight of the sky
He sees not the beauty more fair then the stars.
Her eyes shine silver in the moonlight,
She wears nothing but her river of silver hair.
She watches him from her spot by the river,
Her heart turns over and she knows.
Her breath catches in her throat
As she watches the supple play of muscles under his tunic.
Her eyes drink in his form
Blue eyes and muscled figure,
Dark hair pulled back from his face,
Showing off features of both power and grace.
A wisp of cloud covers the moon
Breaking his eyes from the heavens.
His gaze drift downwards back to the earth.
He sees the woman, a princess, a queen.
Her limbs bathed in the moons soft gleam.
He sees the fire in her quicksilver eyes,
And feels his own heart
His own desire.
He trembles from feelings
More then he's known
That he knows not how to show.
She rises with smooth grace,
As she walks her hair moves around her,
Concealing yet revealing.
His breath catches as she walks to him,
Eyes never leaving her fair form
Lost in the beauty of this angel of the night.
She stops an arms length away
She drops to one knee and bows her head,
Her hair falls forward,
Concealing her face.
His automatic reaction
He touches her arm to prevent her from bowing.
A mistake
The feel of her skin
The softness of his touch
It is all to much for them.
Her body trembles,
He feels lightning across his skin.
He drops to his knees in front of her,
Reaches out and gently tilts her face up to meet his gaze.
Two tears form in her liquid eyes,
He bends over and softly kisses her lips.
Fire ripples through them both
And they both know in their hearts
They will never be alone again.

Don't tell me you love me

Don't tell me you love me,
I don't care
When I had needs,
You wern't there.
I have found someone else
Who will love me for who I am.
So don't tell me you love me
I don't want to hear.

You were never there
When I needed your love
There is someone else who loves me
For all my faults and fears
He is the one who cares.

He picks me up when I fall
He doesn't leave me
To go out on the town.
He loves me unconditionaly
He is my companion, my soulmate, my friend.

Don't tell me you love me,
I don't care
When I had needs,
You wern't there.
I have found someone else
Who will love me for who I am.
So don't tell me you love me
I don't want to hear.


It hurts so much
To be left alone
Sometimes I feel
Like there's nothing to live for

I am alone
In a crowd
By myself

I feel the feelings
Of those around me
Happy, sad
Hate, love

I sink deeper and deeper
Into my dispare
The night is my refuge
My haven from the world

I cry
Nobody hears me
I scream
Nobody listens

I am alone
And will be


Just when you think that you have found the person you can trust,
All your dreams they turn to ashes and all your hopes they turn to dust.
I thought that you loved me I thought you wouldn't hurt me.
But I was wrong and now I suffer alone.
In the night silence do I cry but my eyes can shed no tears.
My whole being is empty without you here
I trusted you I love you still
Even though you killed me I will be with you until the ends of time.
I will never leave you I will always be there
My heart is yours what's left of it if you love enough to care.

I understand your reasons but that doesn't mean I have to like them.
I'll try to please your wishes but a broken heart knows only grief.
I know what I say
Live, Laugh and Learn
Love even in sorrow
For there may be no tomorrow
But I do not know if I have the strength to follow my own counsel.

The world yes it be cruel what can one do.
Carry on what has begun pray for the best take nothing for granted.
In time a heart will mend a love will be found that knows no end.
I'll not find it though I can not bear the pain again.
My voice has been stilled I'll not speak again.
From now until the day I die I shall be known as Silence.

Only the love of a dragon could have held me to this world
Now the night is still and the pain it has begun.

This is the last of my works, you shall not hear any more from me in this section. I bid all those that have expressed enjoyment in my pomes farewell, and good eve.