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Past Lives Meditation

This meditation (by Alyse Morris) will allow you to take a journey through a trance to see your past lives. As with any deep trance that could possibly be very emotional- having a partner nearby is a good idea.
Begin with a personal inner-cleansing ritual.
Lay down.
Make sure you either tape your experience and/or have your partner write down what you say.
(This can be said out loud by your partner or you can do this internally; but, if your partner is saying it out loud, you must visualize this scenario.)
Picture a huge library with beautiful architecture. (Let your imagination run wild!) There are 10 giant steps leading up to the front door. Very slowly climb up the stairs counting each one. Your partner may want to count you through this. This is the meditative steps to put you into the mental state to accept the information. When you get to the top of the stairs, imagine a huge door, with a giant knocker.
Someone will answer the door. This is your spirit guide. Tell him/her what it is you would like to see (as in a certain past life, or something in general). At this point you may or may not have a lengthy conversation with your guide, he/she might be concerned with how you are going to handle this information, etc.
Next, Ask your guide to lead you to where you can get this information. Picture another door behind the guide, and have the guide walk you through here. He/she will lead you into another room, and sit you down. At this point, whether you are audio, visual, written, or any combination, comes into play. You might take down a book, and start to read the story of a past life... look at pictures like a photo album... watch a movie... listen to someone narrate the story. Or, like I said, any combination.
When you are done, thank your guide. Your parting words and actions will be based on how comfortable you are with your guide at this point. Open the main door to go back down the stairs, and count your way back down. This will lead you back out of the trance.
Play back the tape, or read what your partner has written. You may or may not remember what it is you have just experienced and/or said out loud.