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The power in Your Name

The ancients recognized that to know the name of something was to have knowledge and power over it, but it implied knowing all aspects of that name. Ouw individual names contain much power, and if we come to "know" them properly, we can discover much aout our own soul's growth, its purposes, and how to release our spiritual energies more effectively into our physical lives. The meaning, the sounds, the rhythms, the nature of the letters and their combinations, all disclose secrets about the indivdual's essence past and present, physical and spiritual. We are in intergration of past energies and experiences, and the potential creativity within our personalities is reflected within the name we have taken upon us for this incarnation.

Our names reflect the energy signature~the energy patterns we have come to unfold, and expand, and overcome within this lifetime. Numerology and nameology are based upon the idea that each soul comes into the world to learn certain lessons and achieve certain goals to round out it's overall development and propel its evolvement. The problem arises when the soul takes upon itself the physical vehicle.

Learning to work with your name and with the power that can be released from the soul into you life by that name is the purpose of this work. Learning the estoeric significance and use of one's name as a tool for enlightenment and achievement was part of the ancient spiritual sciences taught within the Atlantean Wisdom Temples.

Man has the innate power to create. The spoken word or name, when employed with potent thought, becomes a creative power that can be manipulated within one's life in any manner her or she desires. Learning to use that power is what gives dominion over matter.

To the ancient mystics, the assigning of a name was a process that was to be reverenced. Names were viewed as the spiritual essence behind the physical form and consciousness. Name counseling was prevalent for many centuries, especially in the Orient, where unique names were created for each newborn child. We are currently at a point in the evolution of humankind when it is agion necessary to revive the ancient techniques of naming.

It all begins with learning to identify and use the energies and essence within your name to which you have the greatest access. It means learning about those creative aspects and applying them so that you no longer fit the "stereotypes" but express an energy that is as unique as you are. It all comes down to making a choice within your life.

"Know thyself!" This was the precept of the ancients and it still holds true today. The path to enlightenment does not lead into some blinding light that dissolves our troubles. It is a path that awakens the light of the divine within the physical. Within our name, within our essence, lies that light.