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The knight stands in the glade,
Chiseled featured
Handsome and brave.
Eyes of brilliant blue,
Survey the woods around him.
Looking for the voice that called to him.
He closes his eyes and stands for a moment,
Breathing in the night air.
He wears not his armor
But a garment of blue.
He touches his medallion and whispers a prayer,
He searches the night
A glimmer of silver whispers to him from the east.
Like a whisper across his mind
He sets off in search of something that he knows nothing of.
The silver gleams closer a river of moonlight
The knight stops and gazes at the moon for a moment,
The pure white eye that sees all that happens.
He wonders what secrets the moon holds in her
So intent is he on the sight of the sky
He sees not the beauty more fair then the stars.
Her eyes shine silver in the moonlight,
She wears nothing but her river of silver hair.
She watches him from her spot by the river,
Her heart turns over and she knows.
Her breath catches in her throat
As she watches the supple play of muscles under his tunic.
Her eyes drink in his form
Blue eyes and muscled figure,
Dark hair pulled back from his face,
Showing off features of both power and grace.
A wisp of cloud covers the moon
Breaking his eyes from the heavens.
His gaze drift downwards back to the earth.
He sees the woman, a princess, a queen.
Her limbs bathed in the moons soft gleam.
He sees the fire in her quicksilver eyes,
And feels his own heart
His own desire.
He trembles from feelings
More then he's known
That he knows not how to show.
She rises with smooth grace,
As she walks her hair moves around her,
Concealing yet revealing.
His breath catches as she walks to him,
Eyes never leaving her fair form
Lost in the beauty of this angel of the night.
She stops an arms length away
She drops to one knee and bows her head,
Her hair falls forward,
Concealing her face.
His automatic reaction
He touches her arm to prevent her from bowing.
A mistake
The feel of her skin
The softness of his touch
It is all to much for them.
Her body trembles,
He feels lightning across his skin.
He drops to his knees in front of her,
Reaches out and gently tilts her face up to meet his gaze.
Two tears form in her liquid eyes,
He bends over and softly kisses her lips.
Fire ripples through them both
And they both know in their hearts
They will never be alone again.

~Ayresta 08/08/1999~