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Dragon Lore

This is written by my sister in soul Syrosa. She is the keeper of the dragon lore, and the historian. I hope you lean much, and possibly remember your past.

There have been those who have expressed interest in Dragon's Lore, so I will tell you what I remember.

I'll start with the four clans and their personalities, and the personalities of humans who have been re-encarnated from the clans. There is a fifth clan, but that clan is Stormwatcher, and he's his own clan, at the same time he is all other clans. (it's a little confusing. He's the guardian of the second gate)

As a note, no dragon clans are evil in and of themselves, though occasionally an individual dragon will be drawn to the dark paths. Certain clans are more sadistical and unfriendly towards humans than others, but this does not make them evil. Also, all dragons will have an affinity for the elements, fire especially.

First up we have Red Chasm which is the clan of Fire. They are extremely solitary and often violent in nature. Red Chasm dragons are easily angered and can hold a grudge for an incredible length of time. They do not like other intelligent species, and would rather eat a sentient than make conversation with it. They are also extremely unfreindly to their own species, with a few exeptions. (note, not ALL Red Chasm dragons are like this, but it is a tendancy that they have) Red Chasm dragons tend to be sadistical, and have been known to practice cannibalism on occaision. They are very solitary and live, usually alone, in the bowels of the earth. There is one intelligent species that they do communicate with, and that is Fire Salamanders, who share territory with them. Red Chasm dragons who have been re-encarnated as humans tend to be loners, usually have very short fuses and stay angry for a very long time. They are fiercly loyal to causes they beleive in, and they are stubborn as mules. They have a fascination with fire to the point of pyromania, and some will find that flames around them, whether they are candles, or fireplaces, or otherwise, will react with their emotions and mental states. Red Chasm dragons preferred raw elemental magics to psy magics and more conventional magics. They were usually red or other fire tones, rarely they had ash highlights and sometimes they had metal highlights, though they were never wholly metallic.

Ocean Deeps was the dragon clan of water. These dragons are very social with members of their own clan, but often reclusive and hard to find for other sentients, other clans included. These dragons are mellow and easy- going, and will always prefer negotiation and compromise to battle. When encountered they are friendly, if a little shy. These dragons are extremely gentle, always trying to avoid confrontation and pain on anyone's part. They live quite comfortably in the earth's oceans, breathing easily both in air and water. The magics of these dragons are mainly psy magics, though they dabble in the other magics. Compromising and adaptable, these dragons change with the seasons, though they will remain constant to their morals and their high standards. They are very true friends and very emotional in nature. Humans re-encarnated from this clan are often very fond of the water and will choose to live in places with a good view of a water source. They are usually very gifted, telepathically and empathically. They love animals and animals will do anything for them. They are usually quite easy-going but have a tendancy to become wildly emotional at the drop of a hat. They can be quite shy, but once befreinded, a truer friend could not be found anywhere. Ocean Deeps dragons were usually blue, green, purple, or variants of these colours. They were often highlighted with grey, yellow, or white, and sometimes had metal highlights, of gold, silver, or platinum, though they were never wholly metallic. They were the smallest of the dragons

Rolling Thunder was the dragon clan of air. Dragons from this clan are extremely social and gregarious. They have very strong and well developed senses of humor were rarely found alone. These dragons tended to travel in packs, or mobs, and often acted like roving pranksters. Mercurical in temperment, these dragons could go from 0-raging-giggly and back again in a few seconds. These dragons would either talk an enemy to death or outright battle them, depending on their mood. Some have a sadistical streak, but they are sadistical for laughs, instead of for rage. Usually even those unfortunates who bear the butt of their jokes will laugh about them in the end. These dragons can be stubborn as mules at times, but be prepared for split-second about-faces and sudden decisions. They tend to have two groups of friends, the mobs they travel with in public, and small groups of true friends with whom they are actually serious. Humans re-encarnated from these dragons are great manipulaters of others, often jokers, lawyers, or politicians. They enjoy storms, especially thunderstorms, and revel in the power of the wind. Often they are very talented with clairvoyance or telepathy, sometimes empathy as well. The dragons of this clan were usually very dark in colour, being black, dark blue, purple, or green, rarely dark red, or hematite. Some dragons were wholly metallic, but usually this was a dark metal like hematite. Sometimes they had silver or platinum highlights, and were often mottlings of many dark colours in one. They were the second largest in size. They had an active hatred for Red Chasm Dragons, and would usually fight when confronted by these enemies. They had an alliance with White Mountain.

White Mountain dragons were the dragons of Earth. They were quite gregarious and often gathered in small groups to discuss philosophy, theology, science, art, magic, etc. They were very great intellectuals. Peace-loving and gentle, these dragons enjoyed being able to sit back and watch the world go by. They could sometimes be quite lazy, almost taciturn. Posessed of dry senses of humor and a flair for facts, when presented with something they knew as a misinformation, they would be quick to correct the source. These dragons acknowledged and utilized all types of magic: psy, elemental, and more conventional magic, which they referred to as 'High magic'. They were pacifistic by nature but would fight when pressed to it. Humans re-encarnated from these dragons are usually very intellectual and are great thinkers. They will often teach their fellow humans, even if they are not professional teachers. They enjoy nature and the outdoors, and 'roughing it' can be a fun concept to them. They usually have minor talents in most or all of the psy skills, occasionally they have major talents, but usually in a few selected abilities, like empathy, or clairvoyance. They are often very heavily into spirituality and religeon. Dragons of this clan were usually very light in colour, very often metallic, or pearled. Sometimes they are crystalline, but this is rare. These dragons were quite often mottles of metallics or wholly metallic. They were the second smallest of the dragons, and had an alliance with Rolling Thunder.

These are the four main clans of the dragons. All other clans have branched from pure lines or combinations of clan lines from these original four. As my life was in the time before the new clans, I can't tell about these new clans. I could tell which clans they sprung from based on their personalities and colours, but I couldn't tell much else.

This is the first of her writings on dragons, the next chapter will tell about the alliance between Rolling Thunder clan, of which I was head, and the White Mountain clans. And the impact it had on the Great War at the end of the Third Age of Dragons.