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(variations: Cara, Karen, Kari, Karin)

Meaning: "dear beloved one; purity; the pure one"

This is a name whose energies influence the unfolding of the heart to greater expression within the individual's life. Situations will arise that will require the individual to make an effort to love in spite of outer circumstances. These individuals have a great capacity to express love, but guidance must be taken in learning to express it in the proper fashion. They know instinctively how to empathize with others in ways that are not demeaning, but rather that build the energies of others. Anyone of this name or its variations will touch the hearts of others. Purity-in thought, word and deed-shines forth from these individuals and should be the key word in their lives. As they learn to purify the heart and the expressions of the heart, they can open to the ministrations of the angelic hierarchy in all facets of their lives. With their assistance they truly become the beloved ones in the lives of others!