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I'll hide inside and wait it for you
Lonely tears will see me through
The darkness folds around like a velvet cloak
Comfort and warmth with no light in sight.
Cradled in my misery
I'll shed tears as I think of you.
The times that were and could have been
I was foolish for a time and it cost me a friend
The bitterness in my throat the sign of my pain
The empty longing feeling of being alone again
I see inside myself and I feel so unclean
I put up walls around my mind and hide what I have seen
I feel cold and lifeless now so empty but not sad
I'm sorry that it ended this way
I'm sorry I made you mad
I feel nothing more but coldness across my mind and soul
The heat of passions flame has died and left me cold.

~Ayresta 19/07/2000~