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Adventurine (Color: green, blue or red): Appears tightly packed with metallic speckles. It is sometimes called Indian Jade. A nice good-luck gift with the distinction of adding that extra flavor in a winning direction.

Agates (Colors: varied): There are several types of agates. Banded: relieves stress/emotional pain. Dendritic: milky-white with blue/black spots; protection in travel. Indian: eye formation in center of stone. Used for bodily protection or survival. Moss: milky with moss inside. Also tree agates and fern agates. These are healers, simulating wound closure. Acts as a cleanser, stimulator and strengthener. Its liquid appearance and smooth surface are great soothers for children's minor "accidents." Plume agate: milky with fiery red grasses inside. Good for visualization practice and reaching desired goals. Agates in general combined with other stones and gemsmake for excellent magickal results. They act much like the binding runes as they provide an active link for the harmonious blending of several properties.

Amber (Color: yellow or orange): Fossilized resin of extinct organic matter. This is an all-purpose gem. It is an excellent protector of children and a spell strengthener, and can stimulate the flow of money toward you. A High Priestess of a coven may wear amber as well as jet beads to signify her position. Amber is said to be one of the most magickally used stones by the Witches of the Old Religion.

Amethyst (Color: transparent crystaline purple): Used to transform negativity and strengthen the third eye vision or your intuitive sense. Put it under your pillow or on the headboard of a bed for one who suffers nightmares or disturbing dreams. Always have a nice piece in the room where you entertain outsiders, such as friends or clients (an especially family!). This gem is good for headaches and preventing overindulgence in alcohol.

Bloodstone (Color: very dark green with red or orange spots or bands): the bloodstone is really a jasper, but because of it's unique properties i have listed it seperately. it is also called a heliotrope. Keep this in mind when stone shopping since different dealers and stones use a variety of names. It has been used for centuries in healing of both internal and external difficulties. If you embark upon the healing of another person, keep a bloodstone in your pocket to protect yourself, as well. It is alos carried to avoid wounds, bring money, increase production, protect pregnant women, and provide "cloaking" when you don't want to be seen. It is said that when their energy is used up, the red spots turn to white. The stone should then be returned to the elements from whence it came.

Carnelian (Color: translucent red or orange): This is a very special agate. It is the success stimulator for career minded individuals. A powerful action stone -- things move very fast with this one. If you think you will be entering an arena where your thoughts will be "scanned" by another person and you do not desire this, carry the carnelian!

Fluorite (Color: variegated translucent blue, purple, pink or blue-green): Fluorite is seen as interlocking cubes or gives the appearance of two pyramids fused together, This is a relatively "new stone." Fluorite is great for use during medication to contact your higher self and can assist in tuning you in to the Akashic records, enabling you to answer some of those haunting past-life questions. At first you may experience mere flashes, but they often contain all the answers necessary to formulate a complete scenario. Others use it to strengthen analytical and intellectual abilities.

Geodes: Stone balls with crystal, amethyst or topaz centers. Others are a collection of mineral deposits that dazzle the eye when the stone is sliced. These are often called "thunder eggs." They stimulate dance and the free spirit. In magick, a geode can be used to concentrate power prior to its release.

Jaspers (Color: varied): Hard, opaque stone. They are known as the "rain gatherers." Jaspers strengthen your energy flow and relieve stress. Red: night protection, defensive magick and the return of negative energy. Green: healing. Brown: grounding and stability.

Malachite (Color: blue or green with variegated bands): This stone has a truely unique ability-- it breaks into two pieces to warn you of imminent danger. Also believed to greatly enhance vision questing.

Moonstone (Color: pink, white, blue or green): All hues are soft. It promotes love, compassion and sympathy both in yourself and others. Also the gem of second sight, it enhances psychic powers and should be kept with divinatory tools. If you over extended yourself with dream work and need a pleasant nigt's rest, place the moonstone under your pillow. The moonstone can also assist in unblocking emotions between two lovers, helping them to communicate in an atmosphere of unconditional love.

Obsidian (Color: black): A type of volcanic glass. Pebbles are called "Apache tears". The obsidian is basically a stone of protection, although mirrors of obsidian have been used for scrying purposes. Snowflake obsidian, if you put it with money said to never make you run completely dry. If you feel too many people are taking advantage of you, carry a piece of this gem with you to screen out this pushy energy.

Rhodochrosite (Color: variegaed pink and white): The "energizer" of the stone family. If you are feeling a little tired but you have got to finish a project, let this stone help you out.

Rose quart (Color: pink) This is a quartz crystal with a soft, rosy hue. Another excellent give-away stone as it always encourages peaceful and loving feelings. It promotes beauty, love of self and of others. Set a piece in your home or office enviroment. When your children are having an argument or an especially bad day, have them sit quietly and hold the stone. Soon there are smiles all around! This stone is also excellent for a friend or family member who is experiencing profound grief over the loss of a loved one.

Smokey quartz (Color: translucent grey/black): This stone is clear quartz that looks like it has been infused with a heavy dose of soot. It is another energy generator and a protective stone. also protects vehicles from vandalism and keeping them in running order.

Sodalite (Color: deep blue with strands of white): often confused with lapis lazuii. An excellent stress reducer, this stone enables you to go through the day without being affected by minor upheavals or emotional turmoil. It is also a good meditative stone, especially in teaching adults.

Sunstone (Color: tangerine): Native to Oregon. This stone looks like a slice of orange, and even feels like one. This is an energizer and a cellular healing stone. It is also associated with the Sun and the element of Fire, and used in cancer recovery.

Tiger eye (Color: honey brown with banded tints): This is a stone of luck and fortune, but is also know for its truth-discerning capabilities. It is a stone of honesty. Anyone attempting to lie to you while you are carrying this stone better be careful, as his claok will be removed. Often others will blurt the truth or you will find out in the same day that you have been deceived. Veils are lifted with this stone. It also assists in accurate judgement calls. Falcon's eye is a danish blue in color. It is not as outgoing as the brown version but it is very effective in situations you believe have zoomed way off their mark. It will drawn you to a more sure-footed path and back in control.

Turquiose (Color: baby blue): Looks like a baby blue bubble gum. A highly absorbent stone, it drains of color if in contat with your flesh over a period when you are in highly stressed mode. Turquiose is the "speaking stone". It enhances verbal communication and allows thoughts to flow in perfect sentences. If you are nervous about giving a speech or presentation, wear turquiose around the throat. Turquiose is considered to enhance love, health and happiness, as well as functioning as a protector of the spirit.