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Panic stricken rising from the ashes
Fire that burned flesh from bone
Has died down to a bed of cold
A whisper of gold a gleam of silver
The ashes stirr in the eves soft wind
I rise unnoticed from a bed of coals

Terror lunges at my heart
Fear beats in my breast.
I stand naked to the moons glow
Crying tears that I had dared not show
I still feel the lick of flames caressing my skin
The feel of the heat that came from within.

The sorrow felt as the realization set in
The ones who hate me, they're going to win
But who has the last laugh?
For such as me can not burn
I cloaked my form from their eyes

All they did see was a funeral pyre
The girl that they said was evil
The one they saw go to the flames
That was me she died so that I may live
I am reborn out of the ashes
My soul is on fire consumed with a burning desire

To find the one to match my fire.
His form is one of pure light
His heart beats true and bright.
His touch is cool and calming
Quenches my heat
Soothes my desire

But what fate has stepped between us
A mountain of glass to see but never to touch
To wonder and yearn to always burn.
Sister, my sister what have you taken from me?
Sister, dear sister do you know how my heart burns?
Sister, sweet sister please let him free?

I fall to my knees in a river of blood
My heart pours out the fire of love.
Does he feel my touch?
Through the ice of her palace?
Does he feel my love?
Reaching out with my last breath?

I feel no more
No more loss no more sorrow
For me there is no tomorrow.
The light has gone dim,
The night has set in.
The silence is deffening.

My heart does not beat.
There is no one here who could feel my heat.
Fill the void and mend the pain.
I risked all and in the end there was nothing to gain.

~Ayresta 06/12/1999~