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(variation: Don)

Meaning: "mighty world ruler; overcomer”


Those of this name have come to work with the lesson of strength of will. Learning to assert proper strength of will and when to be flexible are all part of this lesson. The solar plexus chakra works with the energies of the lower sensory will, while the throat chakra is the center for the higher divine will. Finding ways of bridging them is important for those of this name. Learning to assert one's will without becoming dogmatic and without overriding the wills of others is often tested.
This name gives one a tremendous ability to be strong enough to overcome anything within the physical world. These individuals know what must be done in their life pursuits and must continue forward to accomplish it. They may not lead what appear to be glamorous lives, but they often epitomize the precept of "no greater love hath man than he give his life for another." These individuals usually have given up an incarnation of focusing on themselves so that others around them may be able to do what they need to do.