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(variations: Dave, Davey)

Meaning: "beloved one"
Those of this name have a powerful and ancient thoughtform to which they have access. David was beloved within the Biblical scripture. He slew the giant Goliath. His heart was so strong and true that he held no fear in the face of this giant. At the same time the heart was so pure that he sang and wrote many of the psalms. Both indicate the creativity and the strength of the fire within those of this name. Many actually live lives that parallel many of the activities of the David within scripture. Davids must learn to trust in the fact that they are "sons of God," as all men and women are "sons and daughters of God." Learning to express the love in all things to all people is what most benefits these individuals. There is usually always one thing or person to which they hold a great passion and love. Most Davids have great healing and intuitive energies as well.