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The Dark God

KnightWolf 12/30/'95

I am the Dark God
The Dark God everyone has heard about
But heed not my words
Just seek out thy heart
You, to, are the Dark God
Destroying your society
Your reality shatters
Structure encapsulates all
Orders created by the masses
Created by old ways and traditions
I seek to rend your perceptions
Creativity, Ideas and Individuality my weapons
Your reality dripping from my fangs
It's taste in your mouth, also
Society created permenant rules
These rules hold no meaning to us
But people fool themselves, Their Basic Beleif dictates so
When you die, you start to be born
When you are born, you start to die
People are always both dead and alive
Realize this, and physical reality holds no truths
Run from it, and you will never be alive
For those of you reading this, be warned
Rules are about to be Broken....Again