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(variation: Cindy)

Meaning: "goddess of the Moon; reflector of light"

The Grail Chalice (associated with the Y) is a feminine symbol. It is the cup of life, the womb, the moon that reflects the sun. Those of this name or its variation have a unique talent for enabling others to see their talents. They reflect the energies of those they are around. They are chameleon like in their behavior, resonating with the energy of whatever environment they may be in. Caution must be exercised in choosing right friends and environments.
Being a shapeshifter is difficult. One must be able to manifest and control many emotions, attitudes, etc. Those of this name have come to learn to shift their energies more assertively and creatively, in order to bring out the light within themselves and others. They have excellent clairvoyant and mediumistic capabilities, but they must learn to control them at all times. Once done, they become the moon in the nights of all those they touch, bringing light into the darkness.