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Subject: A test of creative visualization and selfdiscovery

The Cube is an exercise in creative visualization and self discovery. You only get to play the game once, but after you learn the secrets you can pass it along to all your friends and family. The Cube is an imagination game and in the summer of 1991, playing it was suddenly the rage. It was very big in the coffeehouses in Eastern Europe. Where did it come from? No one knows. Some think of The Cube as a sufi teaching riddle, lost for centuries it reappears in times and places where the soul most needs to know itself.

Now here it is have fun use yourimagination. There are no right or wrong answers don't try to complicate it thinking it is a brain game it is a creative visualization game about the self!!!


Imagine a desert landscape, it is utterly simple. It has a horizon line, sand and a sky.


In this desert landscape there is a cube. See it look at it what size is it? What color is it? What is this cube made of? Where is the cube in this desert? Is the cube to the right, left, up, down, where?


In this landscape there is now a ladder, as well as the cube. What size is your ladder? What is your ladder made of? Where is the ladder in relation to the cube? What is the ladder's position?


Now in this desert we have a cube, ladder and now there is a horse. Describe this horse. What color is the horse? What size is the horse? Where is the horse relative to the cube and ladder? What is the horsedoing?


Somewhere in this landscape we have a storm. Describe this storm. What kind of a storm is it? How does this storm affect-or not affect the cube, the ladderand the horse?


In this landscape we have flowers. How many flowers are there? What kind? What color are they? Where are the flowers in relation to the cube, the ladder, the horse,and the storm?

You have created a mysterious image. Five elements, arranged in space in a way that is unique to you. No one else sees what you do. Close your eyes and look at it once more. Now open your eyes and read below to find the secrets of what you created. Scrol down please;









The Secret of the Cube CUBE

If your cube is:

you are:

Above the horizon: idealistic; intellectual; spiritual; adreamer

Below the horizon: practical; worldly; down-to-earth;sensual.

Bisecting the horizon: visionary and practical; spiritual and sensual; making ideas/ideals practical.******

Black: stylish; stark; mysterious; guarded; self-contained drawn to the dark side.

Brown: earthly; warm; serious; studious.

Blue: serene; cool; spiritual; electric; loyal; distant; aloof;sad.

Red: warm-hearted; hot-tempered; passionate;aggressive.

Gold: Valuable; .weighty; refined; loyal; true; desirable;rich.

Green: hopeful; optimistic; ever-reviving; nature-loving; ecologically aware; grass-smoker; wealthy.

Gray: conservative; neutral; fair; just; ambivalent;factual; subtle; bored.

Yellow: cheerful; upbeat; making people happy.

Clear: clear-minded; candid; self-revealing; realistic;fragile.

Ice melting: vulnerable; calm; refreshing; in love.

Stone (polished): smooth; refined; ambitious.

Stone (round): natural; honest; awkward; unpolished.

Floating: optimistic; idealistic; spiritual; living in ideas of fantasy impractical; above it all.Large: confident; capable; healthily egoistic.

Close: comfortable with closeness; a people person;living in the present.

Distant: protective of your space; independent.


If your ladder is:

your friends:.

Connecting cube to

the ground: bring you down to earth; ground you inreality.Built into the

cube's side: your siblings; are close to the family.Descending from

the sky:. include God/higher power; are spirituallyevolved; can help you rise.

Descending in tothe ground: help your self understanding; go deeply into your life; are undermining you.

Far from the cube: are not very close; live far from you;are not important to you.

Freestanding vertical: are independent; don't lean on you; are 'upstanding' have your respect.

Lying down: are relaxed; casual; tired; not much use;downand out.

Floating: are dreamers; drifters; philosophers; artists;not very practical.

Iron: are "heavyweights"; blunt; uneducated; seriousor somber.

Rope: are flexible; have a strong bond with you; reachout to you.

Wood/old: are old friends; familiar and comfortable;olderthan you.

Wood/new: are fairly new friends.Wood/finished: are cultured; educated; wealthy; snobbish.

Steel:. are reliable; indestructible; practical; unadorned.

Same material as cube: are very much like you.


If your horse is:

your lover is:

Arabian: high-strung; aristocrat; elegant; nervous;proud.

Clydesdale/Carthorse..a real workhorse; big; heavy;physically strong.

Palomino: your pal; good as gold; blond.

Mare:. nurturing; gentle; patient; enduring;temperamental.

Pony: small; cute; childlike; affectionate.

Stallion: bold; assertive; adventurous; dominant; proud.

Unicorn.. enchanting; shy; pure; innocent; magical.

White: idealized; idealistic; your dream; of highprinciples;good.

Black:. mysterious; romantic; powerful; moody; a good lover.

Brown: warm; earthy; sensual; unpretentious;

Near the cube: close to you; loyal; committed.

Far from the cube: indifferent; very independnt; a low priority for you.

Flying: a new love; idealized; spiritual; magical; taking you higher; taking you away.


If the storm is:

your troubles are..

Above the cube: here; now; in your childhood; kept toyourself; affecting you only.

Approaching: not here yet; in the future.

Behind the cube: in your past; ignored by you.

Acid Rain:. nagging worries.

Far Away: minimal; nothing to worry about.

Electrical: shocking; illuminating.

Tornado: violent; destructive; acute.

Wind:. a spiritual crisis; stressful; chaotic.

Sandstorm: blinding; irritating; life-changing; financial.

Rainstorm: an emotional crisis; bringing tears;depressing;necessary for growth.


If your flowers are:

your children are:

Far from the cube: other people's; not a part of yourlife; living far away.

In the foreground: very important to you.

Garden near the cube: your own. kept safe; cherished.

Falling from the sky: blessings; worth the trouble; worksof art.

In a Vase: your pride; cherished; on display.

Many flowers: many children; your life's work; otherpeople's.

Wild growing: not your responsibility; entrusted to life.

Inside the cube: wished for; in the womb; dependent;young;

Behind the cube: protected by you.

Dead flowers: in trouble; estranged from you; grown up.