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Crystal Ball Reading Technique

1. Darken the room around you. Put the crystal ball on a dark surface that will not reflect any light that will distract you. Have a candle or other form of light shining into and illuminating the ball. The light source can be reflecting up inside the crystal ball stand or behind the crystal. It can also be shining from behind you into the crystal ball.

2. Sit comfortably with your spine straight. Keeping your spine straight enables you to channel all the energy that comes through your body when you do your readings. Ground yourself and calm your mind.

3. Clear the crystal before using it, use the Smudge method. Then charge it using this method:

Hold the crystal ball and rub it with both hands. Then set it back on itís stand while still maintain your focus. Next point a single-terminated quartz crystal or a crystal wand towards the ball at a distance where you most comfortably feel the two connect. When you feel or sense the subtle connection between the crystal and the ball, begin to circle the single-terminated crystal in a clockwise direction. Maintain the connection between the crystal and the ball. Soon you will feel the crystal ball pulsate. When you feel it pulsating strongly you can lay your single-terminated crystal or crystal wand down and begin the next step.

4. Diffuse your vision.

5. find a spot in the ball the interests you. Bring all your attention to that spot. Now look at it in more detail. Allow your intellectual mind to relax. Leave yourself open to any impressions. Donít have any preconceptions. Have no judgments. Remain relaxed, open and focused.

6. Now look at that area in still more detail. As you look at this area even more closely you may find yourself tensing. If so, take a deep breath and relax as you let it out. Continue to do this until you release the tension.

7. Continue to gaze into the particular area, seeing more and more detail. As you look at this minute detail the crystal ball seems to become larger. The more you lose your sense of yourself and are only conscious of the detail in the crystal space, the larger the ball seems to become. As you are looking, feel yourself opening as if you have no edges or boundaries. Allow yourself to lose your awareness of yourself and just be aware of the crystal ball.

8. Your eyes may or may not close at this point. If they feel like closing, let them close and continue to feel as if the crystal is around you. If your eyes remain open, still feel as if your inside the crystal. Whether your eyes are open or closed a point is reached where there is no difference between you and the crystal. There is only crystal and just what you are seeing. You are now in an altered state of consciousness or trance state.

9. You may at this point find yourself feeling compelled to do something. This may be to breathe in certain ways, move energy in a particular pattern in your body, or to work with the crystal in a different manner. Trust yourself and let this compulsion guide you. Your body may almost involuntarily assume different positions. Let it. You may find yourself making sounds. Feel free to allow this to happen. At the same time there is no necessity to force it to happen. Successful crystal ball reading doesnít depend on any of these occurrences.

10. Now either ask specific questions in your mind or use your will to guide you to a specific locations that you mentally view. If you havenít a specific question, mentally refer to your more general purpose in crystal reading at the time. Then let impressions come and go. Donít hang onto them but communicate them to another or out loud into a tape recorder. Let the impressions flow through you. Continue to communicate what you see until you have a feeling of being finished.

11. When you are through, remain with the crystal for a few minutes. Release any tension. You will feel a sensation of floating inside the crystal ball. Varied impressions may come and go. Just watch them pass. In this space are all possibilities, all assistance, all knowledge, and all wisdom.

12. Now, after enjoying this space for a while, slowly begin to back out of the ball. Start to feel edges around yourself while you continue to gaze. Have a feeling of backing up as you become more aware of the edges around the ball. If you followed a certain route into the ball, retrace it. Continue until you see the ball in front of you. Become aware of the surface on which you sit. Be aware of your breathing. If your eyes are open, let go of the diffused vision and bring it back to normal. If your eyes are closed, slowly open them. Now stretch and shake yourself a little until you feel completely in your everyday consciousness.

13. Ground yourself. Next, clear your crystal ball, the other single- terminated crystal or crystal wand, yourself, and the room you are in.

14. If you like, cover your ball with cloth or put it in a pouch. Store it in a special place.