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(variations: Christopher, Christine, Chris, Chrissie, Kristine)
Meaning: "the follower of Christ; The bearer of the Christ"

All names tie the individual to certain archetypal energies within the universe. This name and its variations tie one to the Teacher and Educator for all life within this solar system. In occult Christianity, one learns that the Christ is the highest of the Archangels. Those of this name and its variations are tied strongly to that archangelic energy which serves to influence humanity most strongly through the astral and etheric planes. Balancing the emotions and living the healing and loving life Will open the angelic hierarchy to those of this name.
This is a name of spiritual fire, which is given expression within the physical life. These individuals usually have strong beliefs in something and must learn to express them in the most creative and beneficial manner possible. Keeping the emotions balanced will be most important for the realization of the highest capability.