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The Choosing

KnightWolf '95

It smolders in the breast
Welling up from the pits of despair
It's blackness over comes all, blotting out the light
The hand comes closer, redeeming the mass of blackness
The heart jumps out, twisting the soul around it
It will not give up such a prize, such a meal
Then it comes, the choice
Predator or prey
Are you a rabbit for the blackness, corruption
Stagnation beyond the natural known
Born of society, technology and the passing of the old ways
Are you a wolf of the Mother, bursting from the stagnation
Fighting for the freedom of spirit, fighting unto death
If need be, against the ever present blackness
The Mother awaits the decision of Her children
Leap for the hand or succumb to the despair of utter stagnation
The choice is upon you
Of sitting the fence be denied you unto the day
Beware, the choice is upon you