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My Vampire Bride:

Look into my eyes.
Let your soul drown.
in these twin pools of the deepest brown.
I'll tell you no lies.

I'll always be here.
For you I would give it all up, my love.
Fly with me into the cobalt skies above.
You are so beautiful, my dear.

I feel your body so deeply shake.
Nails of gold trace over your thighs.
As I look with love, deeply into your eyes.
The tide of blood consumes me in its crimson wake.

Like a twisted ring of light.
Thunderous surges of pure energy fill my being.
Such an incredible blend of colors I'm seeing.
Penetrate my darkness with your night.

Milk-white skin framed by deep dark hair.
So soft, skin of liquid silver, so perfect and smooth.
Join with me, become one with The One, in truth.
My vampire lover, safe and alone with me in my lair.

Silk and satin, love and lust, fire and flames.
In the depths of my soul, you find yourself lost.
Ignite your life with soul fire, so passionate, so hot.
Now you have heard every last one of my names.

Crimson light bathes the both of us.
Deep within your eyes lies the cobalt fire.
Swallow my soul, drink my being in, consume my desire.
Smothering me with your insatiable lust.

Your life is more beautiful than eternal death.
Take me as your own, for nowhere else do I belong.
Passions, so strong and divine, won't you come along?
Come close to me, and draw your final breath.

Join me here, far away from your world.
My crimson sky with its ebony cumulous.
Eternal full moonlight shines down silver, luminous.
A life twisted and torn, tattered and curled.

Heavy and free, my soul is to yours.
You came so close tonight, yet were still so far away.
I ask you, does it really matter anymore, what I say?
Relinquished to you, I curl around within your cores.

When there is nobody left to trust.
Beware my dear, for love will seem too distant.
Never did you realize, just how much you missed it.
Just open your eyes, for return to me, you must.

Vampiric love can last beyond eternity.
The pain of yours, my love, is the pain of mine.
Bring it all to me, and to you I will give my time.
You'll never be alone, for I am yours, eternally.

The demons inside of me want your soul.
I'll hold you for eternity, so you never feel this pain.
Pouring all around you, I become the warm, bloody rain.
Fair exchange, the price to pay, to make you whole.

Your soul is mine, for you wanted it like this.
That first kiss, like a fatal wound, burns me inside.
The march of my heart will never cease that beat so snyde.
Now your life, transformed to a world of eternal bliss.

Burn me alive, my body is your glorious sacrifice.
Your body is mine, whereever I go, you'll be there.
My bride, my demon lover, my only other, so lovely, so fair.
But for you, even all that I am, will never suffice.

I'll lay my head on your chest, for that is my home.
My goddess of darkness, in you forever I will confide.
I express my deadly love for you in such glorious genocide.
And now you see who I really am, pure and to the bone.

Your life becomes my own, as we join and wander.
Orgasmic death eternity, bathed in blood so red, so slick.
I've waited life and life again for your love so thick.
In my most hellish dreams, you will destroy those who ponder.

I will kill them all for our righteous lust so red.
Never would you let me go, I am yours, eternally crimson.
Let those massive crimson wheels of lust tear me to ribbons.
Deep between those silk-white thighs of steel, take me till I'm dead.

Build it up so high it's lower than my world, what is real.
Make me your dream, my crimson goddess, drown me in your bloody ocean.
Bloodstained leather and light, set ablaze by our vampiric devotion.
The blood of the damned will be our next glorious meal.

I'm your life, and I'm your hate, your soul, body, and mind.
Crimson magnificence, with scent of death and sight of pleasure.
The sorrow is my joy, for you are mine for always, my treasure.
Life means nothing, especially once you've long-since died.

The drums of hell surround my goddess and I as the fires fill us both.
Glowing crimson, in your bed, he self sacrificed vampire lord will lie.
I am yours, and always will be, if I cannot live, I cannot die.
Now take my taloned hand, my queen, let me prove how I need you the most.

Strands of battered flesh so soft, strewn over the walls.
A thunderous clap shatters the skies, and passion's mighty voice has spoken.
You are far too much even for the vampire lord, for now his world is broken.
The unbelieveably bright crimson light illuminates hell's halls.

From the depths of my pit, I rise with my silver skinned queen.
Together, her and I ascend to the real world above, tonight we are complete.
One and the same now, my goddess and I, together forever, the world we depleat.
To be one with one and with death and light of such a glorious silvery sheen.

The rhythm of destructive anarchist chaos, evil gone wrong, and hell tainted.
This is the song sung by me and by my goddess of the palest skin, my killer.
To the life I once lived, to the man on the other side, I am ever the chiller.
Amazing how it turned out, this image of sardonic beauty, with blood I have painted.

I never look to the life I once lived, to that man standing on the other side.
Satin and blood flow around me in rivers of comfort and sticky fluids.
Life and love, the eternal fires that fuel my desires, my dreams so lucid.
None will ever know how much we love each other, me and my vampire bride.

- Shaelan: November 23 1999.