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The blade in my hands
Black as night cold as ice
Dripping with the blood of nations
Looking outward turning inward
I feel a snap as something inside me breaks
I feel the pain pour over me in waves
Looking down at bloodstained hands
Tears stream down like rain
I turn my face to the heaves,
Screaming out the pain I feel
The rage of war to not know what it was all for
I call out to the gods for answers
But only silence reaches my ears.
Why were we brought to this world
Scattered across this earth
To do murder for the name of peace
Watching lightning cleave the sky
Feeling the oncoming storm the energy pulsing in my veins
My head rises golden eyes take in the carnage surrounding me
Fall to my knees and beg to wake up
I'm not meant for this slaughter I'm a guardian not a fighter.
My Lords, please take this from me
The blood of valiant souls who's only fault was they chose the wrong side.
I don't want this gift to live when all they do is die
Why is it always I'm the last one standing
Bearing the weight of souls that I must give to you lords

~Ayresta 08/10/2000~