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(variations: Elizabeth, Betty, Betsy, Bessie)

Meaning: "house of God; consecrated to God"

Those of this name and its variations have an ancient thought form of reverence associated with it. Learning to give proper reverence to all aspects of life-both physical and otherwise-is important and necessary for those of this name. In some form they have come to consecrate their lives to new expressions of spirituality. This may take traditionally religious forms or it may take the non-traditional. Often it is their example that awakens greater respect and reverence in others. Though quiet, their words should be heeded, as there is an innate wisdom that will come through. They have a unique ability to evaluate situations and get to the meat and potatoes of mat-ters. Learning to heed those inner sights and words is important. Many are capable of developing clairaudience and hearing that strong inner voice. Many enter physical incarnation with those inner ears already connected, and thus efforts to "turn on the switch" may seem frustrating. They need to realize that the link to the higher is natural and quiet. It is that still voice within they must heed.