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These are the awards that I am currently giving to other sites, take a look at the image, and the requirements and send me an email if you think that you're site would qualify for any of the awards.

One of the requirements that I do have, you must place a link back to this site, either in the award image, or as a banner on your site.

This award is to be given to sites that have pagan/wiccan/occult content, are easy to navigate, and display a tastefull use of graphics.
Winners of the Three star award

The Aurora Borealis

Shahla Mamid, Wiccan World

As it states, an award for Origional poetry. I am a poet, and appreciate the willingness of others to share their work here on the net with others, poetry sometimes can be intensly personal, it's like having a peice of you in your words. And to put it up so anyone can view and appreciate it is something that I applaud. So if you feel that you want this award for your site, please feel free to drop me a line and ask for it.
Winners of the Poets Award

Shahla Mamid, Wiccan World

Otherkin, a subject much debated. You don't need to be told the requirements to get this award, those that make the sites that deal with the otherkin will know.

Winners of the Otherkin Award

Immortals Playground