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The Auras are not just imagination, they exist in EVERYTHING! You, me, a plant, a rock! Just as you and inanimate things too, possess a physical form, you and the inanimate object possess a "psychic form" of the Aura. The Aura is pretty much defined as emanations of energy surrounding all things! The Auras are also read in the healing and aligning of the Chakras. As breaks, leaks, holes, and spots are seen in the Auras, this helps in relation to clearing and cleansing the energy centers of the Chakra.

Different traditions and beliefs detail as many as nine layers, most seven layers. It can extend as little as a few centimeters to many feet away from the body. You will also find many variations on this point too. I guess it is more important again to find what works for you as you will encounter many many variations on practically all of the info out there available.

Attempting to see Auras may take practice. Some people already see it and don't even realize it! Some only see a wavy floating rim--like heat from a hot pavement. Also you may only see it in certain areas on an object or person. Mostly, it is a delicate and subtle floating mesh of a lot of colors shifting and changing with each new state of thought and consciousness of a person. This does indeed make it appear more difficult to see and understand what it is you are reading. With practice and the help of a journal though, you will be able to understand and interpret in your way and what's more, you'll probably prove yourself right!

Many believe that you can tell much from the different aspects of Auras. The colors for one, the intensity or lack of, the length of extension, texture, motion and shape all can combine to afford a look into a person or objects energy. It is best to keep a running journal. In this, write down the impressions you receive, the colors, the motions everything you can about each time you "see" an Aura. Rediscover every time you see one. In this way, you can attempt to find out what works best for you and how to in turn work with your new knowledge.

Seeing the Aura

In first attempting to see the aura read over our Grounding exercise as this will help assist you to relax and be able to focus on your attempt. And the best piece of advice I can tell you is, don't expect anything in particular. As each one of us is unique, your experience may well be totally different. I see bands of color in a sort of hazy milky way but my daughter sees colors about a person after she closes her eyes. So each one of us will experience it differently. If you open yourself to "be what may" instead of a fixed idea, you will probably find an easy way for you to do it and a way that works for you.

Make sure you are in a room with dim or soft lighting. Some people even prefer dark with a white wall, others a dark background in which to see. I prefer a neutral color when starting out. Grey, beige, off white, etc. You will have to experiment to see which one you are better able to see with. No harsh light or reflected light in which to throw you off. Try it with an inanimate object first. Grab a book, a paperweight or even a small throw pillow. Set this up against the background several feet away from you.

When you are ready, calmed and relaxed, sit across from the object. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Open your eyes and direct them to the outside perimeter of the object, to the side and behind it about 4-6 inches. Now, much like a daydreaming state, do not force the image. Just hold that image but do not strain. Much like the meditation exercises, the harder you try, the harder it is to do it. Just relax. Try looking also with your third eye. This should give you a sensation of seeing with all you "open". You should be able to at this point to see a pale outline coming from the object. Hold it there. Don't shift your gaze to look directly at the object. The reason for this is the makeup of your eyes and using your peripheral vision it much more easily detects motion than direct contact we wish to see it and work with it first.

If at first you don't succeed, don't give up. You have to get used to seeing this first and may not recognize yet the way in which you will be able to see it. If that doesn't work, take a break and try again later, this time, closing your eyes after looking at the same spot as my daughter does. You should take the break though before attempting the second way in order that you avoid the "after-image". The are effects caused by eye strain. If you look away and see the same lines, that's not an Aura, its the eye strain effect.

If you can see an aura, do not then be afraid to look away because if it is an Aura, it will still be there when you look back. This will take many attempts and experimentation on your part but it really is kinda fun anyway. If it isn't there when you look back, take a break and blink your eyes a few times to clear the after-images out. It will happen more than once to you starting out so don't get discouraged. Just make sure you are relaxed. Tell yourself its no big deal and allow your eyes and thoughts to calm and try again later.

Next, you may want to practice on a living organism. Find a medium sized plant or if you are like me, the huge plant in my living room against a light colored wall is perfect. Situate yourself several feet away and try it again. Animate objects may be easier for you but it is best to try the first way. Then move on to the family pet. Its best if you can get them when they too are relaxing, it just seems easier to see it. Make sure you are recording all of this in your journal including the "failures". Write down everything even if you are not so sure of what you saw, write that down!

At this point, then try to move your sight along the sides of the object/pet/person and all around until you can see it all over them/it. You should also at this time begin to see the multiple layers or the interaction of the colors. A person with a red spot over his head may tell you this person is angry but right along side of that is an orangey color---this could tell you that the person is working out his/her anger in a rational and intellectual manner. Or in some beliefs that red is indicative of lust and the orange is the ambition. So you see, you will have to work on the interpretations and that takes time and practice.

I hesitate to go into a color-meaning for the Auras due to that very fact. The interpretations are wide and varied. You will have to find what works. Below are some of the many meanings you may encounter for each color in the practice of Auras.

RED = Fire, passion, lust, fear, anger, aggression.

PINK = intuition, warmth, compassion, self-respect

ORANGE = healing, ambition, self-expression

YELLOW = intellect, analysis, optimism, growth, sickly

GREEN = change in attitude or beliefs, healing, teaching

BLUE = love, peace, harmony, creativity, imagination

PURPLE = spiritual guidance or devotion, luck, charm, clairvoyance, mysticism

BROWN = earth energy, exercise, strong connection to physical plane.

GREY = boredom, malaise, masking fear or emotion, death

BLACK = depression, sickness, new changes, rebirth

GOLD = pure intuition, psychic abilities, self-knowledge cleansing, healing

SILVER = astral travel, strong psychic powers

WHITE = purification, enlightenment, meditation

Shapes also can influence the reading.

Waves may indicate strength and charisma or on a cautionary note, disattachment from the physical plane. Some may be shooting points emanating indicating a strong sense of aggression or love. Soft misty-like could indicate a sickness or a low period of energy or just that the person is in a relaxed state. Sporadic or spotty auras mean areas of sickness or lack of alignment. The lengths also can give an indication. A strong emanation could either indicate a healthy robust person or a great emotion while a weak one will indicate the opposite. There are many different ways in which to view these and interpret correctly. You must take all sides into consideration and weigh them against each other. Here again is where your journal will be the best thing you could have done.

There will be times it will come easily and times it won't come at all. That's okay tho', it happens. The more you practice, the more your eyes and mind will be more accustomed and it will happen without trying. You'll be seeing them even when you don't want to!