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Dark eyes,
Dark skin,
Dark hair,
All I remember of that night.

Cold metal,
Glinting blades,
Caught me off guard.

Hidden in the shadows,
Hidden from my sight.
All the warning I had,
Was a whisper of cloth.

My obsidian sword,
Out in a flash.
It takes in starlight,
It's power hums in my grasp.
I let its power take flight,
White lightning,
Towards his heart.
He takes it in,
Makes is his own.

I try to call for help,
But he has stopped my power.
And my mind cannot reach,
The other ten.

I look at the way he stands,
And I think I can take him.
But as we cross swords,
I know I was mistaken.

The fight lasts long,
Long into the night.
As the morning light,
Touches the streets.
There is no sign,
That there ever was a fight.
No sign of me,
But I can see.
My comrades,
Looking franticly for me.

I try to call out,
But no one hears my voice.
I try to touch them,
But they can not feel me.

They felt the power,
Unleashed at my death.
One day,
Far away,
We will be reunited,
And have each other to love again.