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(variations: Ann, Anna, Annette, Anita)

Meaning: "graceful and gracious child"


Those of this name have come to bring to fruition the energies of love in some major area of their lives. They have come to learn the lessons of graciousness and mercy in all circumstances. Gracefulness can apply to the physical abilities as well as to the ability to work with people. It can involve gracefulness and agility of mind, par-ticularly in those whose name has a secondary E within it. Following one's heart is often difficult and can involve one in situations that are painful, but all situations help us to grow. It is important for all those of this name and its variations to follow the heart, to do what they know in their heart is right for them, and to temper all activities with love. In this way the heart can flower and the individual can create a beautiful healing experience and influence in the lives of those he or she touches. The healing intuition flowers with the heart.