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(variations: Alec, Alexis, Alexa)

Meaning: "the brave, protecting man; the secure soul"


Working with, manifesting and utilizing proper courage is important to these individuals. They are very protective of their possessions, family and friends, but it is important for them to learn not to become overprotective. They have a power that manifests most dynamically when they come to the aid and/or protection of another, and there can be a tendency to not apply that same courage and energy to themselves. If the need arises, they can activate the energies of the throat chakra in a powerful manner, asserting a strength of will and might that can easily overpower. Leaning to assert the will in a creative manner is an important lesson. Teaching others to stand strong for themselves is also a lesson that can manifest. It is important for them to heed the phrase, "Those whom we kill, we must bring back to life. Those whom we hurt, we must also heal. And those whom we protect, we must strengthen!" Developing a new sense of security in self and others will be a part of their life lesson. around them may be able to do what they need to do.